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Tonight, the mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi and the CEO of Acea Stefano Donnarumma, together with the City’s Superintendent of Cultural Heritage, Maria Vittoria Marini Clarelli, presented the new artistic lighting system of the Fountain of Trevi. This is a new important step forward in the valorization of the monuments and parts of the artistic, historic and architectural heritage of the Capital.

In just two days, 56 LED projectors were replaced and carefully repositioned in strategic points of the fountain restoring, also thanks to the use of narrow light beams, the entire artistic lighting system set up in 2015. Positioning a number of projectors on the shells behind the statue of Oceanus has given emphasis to the central structure of the fountain, while other lights placed inside the basin and below the rocks and lateral statues define the details on the sides of the main elements. Also the upper basin is fully lit again. To carry out the work, with the assistance of Acea ATO 2 technicians coordinated and supervised by the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage of the City of Rome, first the fountain was emptied and all coins thrown in it by tourists collected. The next step was to replace all submersed LED projectors while also checking and intervening to rationalize the different sectors of the electrical system, in order to make future maintenance work easier.

The system includes 85 submersed projectors and 6 shelf-mounted projectors. The power of the entire LED electrical system is just 2.1 kW, saving 70% compared to the sodium lamps previously used.

“A suggestive, powerful and at the same time discrete lighting system is perfect to enhance the cultural value of a work of art. Tonight we want to tell the story of our city by emphasizing its beauty using light, as we have previously done for other monuments. I am very proud to present the maintenance work carried out on the Fountain of Trevi, a symbol of our city and a protagonist of our cinema and of the dreams of millions of citizens and tourists alike. A World Heritage Site that must be always protected and valorized”, said the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi. “In particular, I would like to thank Maison Fendi, who contributed to the restoration of the Fountain of Trevi and of some of the most important monuments and pieces of art of our city, and with its “Fendi for Fountains” project confirms how much it cares and loves the City of Rome. A heartfelt thank you to Acea, who in collaboration with the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage of the City of Rome, has combined art with respect for the environment. History always evokes deep emotions and being able to visualize them through light and chiaroscuro effects is a way of revealing the beauty of the works of art of our past, a shared value, part of our heritage and a strong link to the roots of our existence, concluded the mayor.

“The maintenance of the lighting system of the Fountain of Trevi restores the full nighttime visibility of the monument: an amazing sight”, said the City’s Superintendent of Cultural Heritage Maria Vittoria Marini Clarelli.

“The new lighting system of the Fountain of Trevi – said ACEA’s CEO Stefano Donnarumma – is part of a larger project aimed at valorizing the artistic heritage and the millennium-long beauty of the Capital. As a company founded in Rome more than a century ago, Acea could not be more committed as its connection to the city is inextricable. Recent interventions curated by ACEA include the artistic lighting system of Castel Sant’Angelo, Piazza del Campidoglio, Tempio Maggiore and the Colosseum.


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