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ACEA has launched an initiative designed to also make its call center accessible to deaf people. The project, which makes use of voice synthesis and recognition technologies, has begun with an experimental phase in the customer care service of ACEA Energia for the free market. If successful, it will subsequently be rolled out to the other companies in the Group.

The initiative is being pursued in tandem with Pedius, a startup which has been committed to guaranteeing the integration of deaf people on various levels since 2013, breaking down communication barriers.

It provides the opportunity for deaf customers, who have downloaded the Pedius App free from Play Store and App Store, to contact the ACEA Energia call center to communicate their meter reading, request clarification about their contract or information related to sales. Using the App, users can also write chat messages that a computerized voice then reads to the operator on the phone, and reading the responses provided, containing the requested information. This means that they can also use another communication channel, as well as the chat function of the website, to receive support and information.

It is essential for us to make services such as those of Acea Energia accessible to all citizens - stated Massimiliano Garri, Head of the Group’s Innovation, Technology & Solutions Department. The choice of Pedius was a step in this direction and we will continue working to devise innovative solutions that favor inclusion and make the services of the ACEA Group even more accessible. Acea has launched an international scouting scheme, which has already enabled us to contact approximately 500 start-ups and launch 15 experimental projects in the field of innovation”.

The Acea Group has always focused closely on its customers’ needs and on the themes of innovation, especially when these provide a pathway to greater social integration and inclusion, two values that the Company has always promoted and sustained since the very beginning.


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