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Acea Ato 5 plans to invest 8.5 million euros to modernize the plant in the Torrerisi area and build approximately 7 kilometers of sewer lines

Frosinone, 18 July 2019 – The municipalities of Ausonia, Coreno Ausonio and Castelnuovo Parano will share a new treatment plant.

The project, which will be financed by Acea Ato 5 for a total cost of 8.5 million euros and follow the tender process, is divided into two parts: the first (5.5 million euros) aims to modernize the existing plant in the Torrerisi area, in the municipality of Ausonia (which can serve a population of approximately 4,000 people) and build new main sewage lines (approximately 4 km long). The authorization process is about to be completed and an invitation to tender will be issued soon. The project also includes a second part, worth 3 million euros, to build new sewage lines connecting the treatment plant to the municipalities of Coreno Ausonio, Castelnuovo Parano and part of Ausonia (for a total of 2.8 km). For this second part the service assignment phase is yet to be completed and then project approval will have to be vetted by ATO 5 Audit Conference.

This is an important project because the work aims to sanitize the system of the three municipalities involved, providing the area with a new urban wastewater collection and treatment system. Currently the three municipalities do not have a treatment plant.

Mayors Oreste De Bellis (Castelnuovo Parano), Simone Costanzo (Coreno Ausonio) and Benedetto Cardillo (Ausonia) said: “We are very satisfied with the good results obtained thanks to the collaboration between local authorities and Acea Ato 5. The inter-municipal water treatment plant will provide a solution that citizens have been waiting for for a long time and will also be a significant step in terms of environment protection. Municipality Administration Authorities have worked hard to find solutions to the technical and administrative issues in order to guarantee users a functional water treatment service. We are extremely happy with the results achieved to this day”.

The president of Acea Ato 5, Stefano Magini, declared. “This project is yet another piece of a much larger puzzle that sees our company constantly involved in environmental and water source protection. If, during a first stage, Acea Ato 5 had to intervene merely to restore and provide maintenance for existing treatment plants, subsequently the objective became to focus on projects that can make a real impact on the territory, the environment and at the same time offer maximum water treatment capacity, like the new inter-municipal plants. In addition to the Ausonia, Coreno and Castelnuovo plant, we will build other inter-municipal plants, such as the one in Alatri, which will serve the municipalities of Vico, in Lazio, and Guarcino, or the one in Arce, serving Fontana Liri, Rocca d’Arce and Santopadre”.


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