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Starting today, the Maker Faire Rome website offers the possibility to participate in the “Make Christmas Lights ACEA” contest and submit a Christmas illumination project for the Capital’s historic centre and 15 municipalities

Rome, 4 June 2019 – The first international contest, under the name of MAKE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ACEA, was launched today by Acea with a view to identifying the most original creative project for the Christmas illuminations to be installed for the upcoming Christmas season in the centre of Rome and in all of the city’s fifteen municipalities. By way of this initiative, promoted by Acea in collaboration with Maker Faire Rome, the company’s intention was to sponsor a technological and artistic creativity competition, in the spirit of innovation, with the idea of involving lighting experts for the implementation of the Capital’s Christmas lights. The contest, open to individuals or groups of designers at international level, will be published from today on the Maker Faire Rome website (, the container that deals with science, technology, innovation and new forms of art, and is the reference point for thousands of young people and firms operating in these sectors.
Applications for participation may be submitted up to the end of July and the projects will be assessed by a panel of judges, comprising Acea experts, who will evaluate the proposals not only based on their aesthetic-creative value, but above all with regard to their feasibility and their level of innovation and sustainability. The winner will be announced on 18 October, during the Maker Faire Rome 7th edition opening day. The successful participant will be assigned the role of artistic director for the submitted project and will receive a prize of 40,000 Euro.
This “call for ideas”, a tool used all over the world to identify new production and creative realities, combines innovation and Christmas tradition and is in keeping with the role that Acea has always played in enhancing the Capital’s monuments and sites of historical and architectural interest, via artistic lighting projects. In this way, the Company once again confirms its ties with Rome and the surrounding area and its commitment to improving urban areas.


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