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Frosinone, June 6, 2019 – Implement within the next year a water tariff for industrial activities not served by the industrial consortiums, which takes into account the specific critical issues and needs of this important production sector.

Acea Ato 5 and Unindustria Frosinone have decided to sit around a table together to find an agreement on the new structure for the water tariff, which will go into effect starting from the 2020-2021 period.

A first meeting was held recently at the headquarters of the Ciociaria industrialists, between the President of Unindustria, Giovanni Turriziani, and the President of Acea Ato 5, Stefano Magini, which will soon be followed by a meeting that will also involve the Ato 5 Technical Operative Secretariat and the members of the employers’ association. The goal will be to set the parameters within which it will be possible to influence the elements making up the tariff and to gather the reports, requests and priorities of the business world. It is an important decision, which arises from the collaboration between Unindustria and the Utility and which stems from the need to characterize the cost of the water service supplied to industry, today assimilated to the more generic commercial category, bearing in mind the importance of the weight that this “item” has in companies’ accounts and therefore, consequently, on the area’s competitiveness and all that this entails.

The prompt discussion between the various players in the field was made possible and facilitated by the collaboration protocol signed at the end of last year between the Industrialists Association and Acea Ato 5, with the establishment of a special dedicated information desk.

President Turriziani stated: “I believe that the collaboration with Acea Ato 5 is important for initiating a direct discussion with the water service provider on an issue that is strategic for our companies, also with a view to providing a tariff for industrial users not served by the industrial consortiums, today not envisaged and which cannot be compared to other activities. We hope that this dialogue, thanks also to the discussions and the contributions of our member companies, will lead to positive results for all of the province’s productive fabric, with a view to increasing the competitiveness and attractiveness of our area.”

President Magini commented: “I thank President Turriziani for having wanted this discussion, which will allow us to know the requests and proposals coming from the business world in the Province of Frosinone. Acea Ato 5 is aware of the need to embark on a shared path that can lead to the defining of a tariff that meets the companies’ needs within a framework of general balance.”


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