Rome, 23 March 2019 – Acea, whilst again confirming its full confidence in the work of the Judiciary, strongly emphasises, with due regard for all stakeholders and the market, in relation to the news being reported by the press concerning the inclusion of its Chief Executive Officer Stefano Donnarumma in the investigation register and considering the document served, that this has nothing to do with either Rome’s future stadium or the events concerning the alleged project to transfer the Group’s headquarters to the future “Business Park” expected to be constructed precisely in the vicinity of the worksite. Donnarumma has absolutely no involvement, to the point that no specific charge was implied on the part of the investigating Authorities vis-à-vis the CEO. The only notification refers to two sponsorships, each for the amount of 25 thousand Euro, carried out in 2017 and 2018. More to the point, the company wishes to make clear that the various powers delegated by the Board of Directors to Mr. Donnarumma have never included any pertaining to sponsorships which, on the other hand, following the establishment of the current Board of Directors (3 May 2017), were the responsibility of the Chairmanship. Subsequently, from 21 June 2018, responsibility for sponsorships was assigned to an Executive Committee specifically created and chaired by an independent director from the list presented by the minority shareholder. A fact immediately brought by the Group to the attention of the investigating Authorities by way of a detailed report already delivered yesterday evening. The documentation made available to the investigators also includes that pertaining precisely to the sponsorships concerned with the enquiry. This unequivocally demonstrates Stefano Donnarumma’s complete non-involvement: the two sponsorships were decided by the appropriately empowered then Chairman.


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