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For the fourth consecutive year, Acea is participating as a sponsor and exhibitor at Maker Faire Rome, the most important initiative in Europe dedicated to innovation, which opens today at the Nuova Fiera. Now in its sixth edition, the event offers a journey into the near future of technological innovation, from robotics to digital manufacturing, from aerospace to renewable energy, from design to drones, from sustainability to recycling.

Precisely in this context, Acea will present the most innovative 4.0 information technology and industry solutions applied to the relevant industrial sectors to the thousands of students from 55 schools and 25 universities from all over Italy, to visitors and to the large community of makers and startuppers.
In the 80 square metres of the Roman multi-utility company's stand, located in hall no. 8, it will be possible to have a first-hand experience of the company's innovative spirit, sharing and testing new technological solutions that will allow for an immersive journey in the Water, Energy and Environment sector.

Acea's innovations featured in this edition include environmental mapping and scanning, technologies that enable high-resolution surveys of large or small infrastructures. These techniques allow to perfectly map and scan electricity or water networks, by processing detailed three-dimensional point clouds from which to extract the information needed to characterise elements of interest or critical points. For example, thanks to these tools it is possible to remotely guide an operator to work safely by preventing accidents, such as those caused by gas leaks or other potentially dangerous substances. There will also be virtual reality visors and monitors with holographic reconstructions, which can be used concretely in the simulation of repair work or to make the manoeuvres of operating personnel safer. Finally, Acea will be proposing an interesting educational activity specifically aimed at children, which comes directly from First® LEGO® League, the world science and robotics competition for students. In a 45-minute session, in groups of two, booked visitors can try their hand at building and programming a real robot.

Those who visit the Acea stand will be able to pick up free gadgets related to the company's hi-tech culture.


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