ACEA’s new communications campaign for a conscious use of water resources

  • ACEA has recovered up to 2,300 litres of drinking water per second, on a daily basis, thanks to the 9,000 
          leak   repair interventions carried out over the past 12 months
  • Now underway also the third leak detection check involving more than 5,400 Km of the Capital’s water                     supply, with 3,800 Km already processed
  • The entire campaign has been totally conceived and realised within the company

Rome, 5 July 2018 – Tomorrow, July 6th, marks the launch of “Joining forces for water”, Acea’s new publicity campaign designed to raise citizen awareness regarding a correct and conscious utilisation of water resources, the potential contribution we can all make in terms of safeguarding and the commitment undertaken by the Government for water resource conservation, thanks to the investments carried out in the management and maintenance of its infrastructures.

The campaign will be heralded by a teaser, featuring as key player our planet showing the first signs of desertification, while a clock is ticking away, calling attention to the need for rapid intervention, since water is becoming an increasingly precious asset, no longer as abundant as it once was. The data recently processed by the UN in fact emphasised that around two billion people in the world have difficulty in accessing drinking water.

Following the teaser, ACEA’s men and women will become the key players of the campaign, all of which has been realised by the company internally, using the faces of its own people for creativity: the pictures will show them engaged each day in the role of water custodians, whether they are manual workers, engineers or management and quality control personnel, or fathers and mothers, aware that they are safeguarding water resources for future generations.

“Joining forces for water” takes over from the previous campaign launched during the summer of 2017, at a particularly critical time for the city of Rome, when water scarcity foreshadowed the need for emergency interventions regarding the supply. Since then major steps forward have been achieved: thanks to the requalification of Rome’s water infrastructures, ACEA, in a year, has on a daily basis recovered up to 2,300 litres of drinking water per second  corresponding to 80 Olympic swimming pools – which was being wasted due to leaks and dispersions along the network. This important result was achieved through 9,000 repairs carried out on the pipes (a large quantity of hidden leaks were also identified and repaired, these being the most insidious because they are difficult to identify) and two inspections carried out for the first time in respect of ACEA’s entire water supply. The commitment continues and the company is completing its third leak detection check since last year, with 3,800 Km of the supply network already inspected.

Throughout the summer and until September, the campaign will appear in newspapers on the pages dedicated to Rome, around the town by posting on advertising space and on public transport. The “Joining forces for water” campaign will also be on the Internet, where a picture of the planet shown in the teaser will “link” to the website page displaying a list of tips that everyone can follow in order to avoid wastage in everyday life:

  • Turn off the tap when not required: saving of 5 thousand litres per year
  • Shower as opposed to taking a bath: saving of 80/120 litres each time
  • Do not use the WC for small waste and install a dual flush system: saving of  10/30 thousand litres per year
  • Use domestic appliances only with full load: saving of 8/11 thousand litres per year
  • Apply a faucet aerator on taps: saving of 6/8 thousand litres per year
  • Recycle cooking water for watering purposes: saving of 1,400/1,800 litres per year.


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