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Joint commitment for research into smart & safe city applications and the technological development of networks managed by ACEA

Rome, 24 May 2018 – The Chief Executive Officer of ACEA, Stefano Donnarumma, and Thomas Miao, CEO of Huawei Italia, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) setting out the terms and conditions for the definition of highly technological projects aimed at supplying state-of-the-art and innovative services within a Smart and Safe City framework and enhancing the technological efficiency of ACEA’s infrastructures.

The objectives that ACEA aims to achieve by way of this initiative are to implement innovative services for customers and the market, as well as to increase the efficiency, safety and resilience of its infrastructures. For example, from a Smart & Safe city perspective the two companies will endeavour to identify solutions for smart parking, smart waste and environmental safety, while as regards infrastructure they will study remote control solutions for both the electrical and the water networks; in the case of the latter solutions will also be examined with regard to the localisation of water leaks. Again in reference to infrastructure assets, the partnership will enable the evaluation of innovative solutions supported by fifth generation (5G) network technologies soon to be available, from cloud data centres, to artificial intelligence systems and Industry 4.0, in order to place ACEA at the forefront in the management of its business.

The MoU will have a duration of six months, following which the parties will be able to formalise in a contractual agreement the results obtained from their combined efforts for the development of a mutual project, based on the indications contained in the document.

As a result of the agreement, ACEA will have access to Huawei’s global portfolio of products, solutions and services for the evaluation of potential applications on the Italian market where the company operates. The research activities covered by the MoU will be conducted also in collaboration with the “Joint Innovation Centre” (JIC) set up by Huawei in Sardinia together with the local universities, CRS4, the Fire Brigade and the Police Department. The two firms will have the option to assess further collaborations with local centres of excellence such as universities and other educational institutions recognised by the Ministry of Education, University and Research.

Stefano Donnarumma, CEO of ACEA, commented: “We are extremely pleased about this first step towards an agreement with a high-profile operator such as Huawei, which we believe can support our path of technological growth applied to the management of infrastructures and to the supply of high value-added services, in keeping with our business plan.”

Thomas Miao, CEO of Huawei Italia observed: “Today’s agreement is particularly important for Huawei, in that it marks the beginning of a partnership focused on technological innovation and shows a long-term approach in the multi-utility sector. Each year Huawei invests in Research and Development around 15% of its total revenues – 14 billion dollars – and implements an innovation model based on customer needs and collaboration with the ecosystem of its partners and the universities, all elements mentioned in the Memorandum between ACEA and Huawei”.


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