Acea is on the road with Green Dream, the project exploring the Italian territories of water, energy and environment, launched by Utilitalia. The episode which sees Acea as protagonist is available online from 13 December on the official website of Green Dream.

The sources of the Peschiera aqueduct are at the heart of the sixth stage of Green Dream web series, a project designed to show the commitment to a greener and more sustainable Italy of over 450 associated companies.

In this 6-episode adventure two travellers, the fencing Olympic champion Margherita Granbassi, together with Nicola Lamberti, green influencer known as Lambert.Nic on social networks, play the role of two employees working for a utility, exploring companies in the sectors of water, energy and environmental services.

In the 6th episode of Green Dream, Margherita and Nicola go up to the source that feeds the Italian capital city with water: the Peschiera’s sources. Our two protagonists explore the Roman aqueduct that still today feeds the Trevi Fountain.


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