Insieme per l'acqua

3 February 2020 Rome

The online charity auction “Insieme per l’acqua”

Insieme per l'acqua (Together for water) is the fundraising launched by Acea which has the double objective of supporting important charity activities and raising awareness of the importance of saving water.

500 “Why?” posters from the campaign created in house by Acea in the summer of 2018 and winner of the Press Best Campaign Editor’s Choice Key Award are put up for auction for charity on the crowdfunding platform The first €50,000 raised will go to a project at the “Donatello” Primary School in Rome and will be used to build a system to collect and reuse water to irrigate the school’s vegetable gardens.

As the €100,000 mark is reached, funds will go to an initiative in Accumoli, a municipality in the province of Rieti affected by the 2016 earthquake. With the collaboration of Associazione Nazionale Alpini (National Association of Alpine Troops) they will be spent to build the water system of a multi-purpose building that will be used as a meeting place dedicated to social activities. Finally, as the €150,000 mark is reached, funds will go to build – in collaboration with Agape Onlus an association that works on international cooperation projects – a system to collect and treat water in the Kimbondo area (Democratic Republic of Congo).

The project will be managed with support from Rome’s ACLI (Christian Associations of Italian Workers), who will coordinate operational and logistics aspects for free.

The poster of the charity auction Insieme per l'acqua by Acea


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