World Water Day

World Water Day 2024

On the occasion of World Water Day, Acea launches a campaign dedicated to the conscious use of the resource. In line with the values of sustainability and reuse, the Group has for years invested in innovative and efficient water infrastructures, promotes the adoption of responsible water use practices and is always close to the territories in which it operates to guarantee the protection and conservation of natural water resources.

Daily practices for water protection

All of us can contribute to a conscious consumption of water resources, even through small daily gestures:

Adjustable devices:
Installing taps and showers with flow regulator and maintaining mainly low pressure reduces water consumption without compromising its functionality. 


Efficient irrigation: Choosing drip irrigation methods to provide water directly to the roots, watering in the evening hours to reduce evaporation waste, and using reuse water are good practices to avoid waste. 

Responsible consumption: It is preferable to choose appliances with low energy consumption, start them only if fully loaded and use the correct dosage of detergent to avoid excessive waste and reduce the impact on the environment


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