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60-day extension to submit renewal applications for benefits expiring in April
Benefits for families in need include a discount in the bill

Customers whose deadline to request the renewal of the Water Bonus expires by April 30 have been given more time to apply. This is part of the new measures taken by Arera in connection with the Covid-19 emergency. At the same time, the continuity of the current 12-month bonus is guaranteed for up to a maximum of two additional months.
The same applies to the electricity and gas bonuses.
Users of the integrated water service whose bonus expires between March 1 and April 30, 2020, may reapply for a discount in their bill after the original expiry date, but within maximum 60 days from that date.
The continuity of the bonus will be guaranteed once the continued existence of the requirements to access the bonus has been verified, retroactively from the original deadline.
The renewal, as provided by the applicable regulations, will be valid for 12 months and will include the two-month (60-day) continuity extension.
In this period, bonus renewal communications are suspended to avoid customer mobilization. Therefore, communications regarding the need to apply for bonus renewals, the applicability of the compensation regime, the issue of direct debit transfers to indirect users and refund requests for uncashed bonuses, are all suspended.
The water sector Authority has also provided for the possibility of extending the validity of this measure in consideration of the Covid-19 emergency.
The bonus allows for a discount in the bill equivalent to 18.25 cubic meters of water per year (equivalent to 50 liters/person/day, the minimum amount required for essential human needs) for each member of the family, calculated based on the special tariff applied by the provider for the aqueduct services, the sewage system and water treatment service tariffs.
It is estimated that the typical family of three in economic difficulties (using 150 cubic meters per year) will be able to cover – on average – a third of its annual water costs.
To be entitled to the Water Bonus, customers must have an ISEE of maximum €8,265; families with at least 4 dependent children must have an ISEE of maximum €20,000. Bonus applications must be submitted to the local Council or any other agency authorized by the Council (e.g. CAF, Mountain Community etc.). One single form allows to apply for all available bonuses (water, electricity, gas).
Application forms are available on Arera’s website (, on, on the provider's website ( and on the regional body’s website (
Customers are reminded that, starting from 2021, anyone entitled to the bonuses will receive them automatically, i.e. without having to apply.


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