Acea Ato 5 reports

Acea Ato 5 is actively involved in wastewater management, which includes collection and treatment. A complex and important activity that is the other side of the coin of the Integrated Water Service, which is often seen simply as collecting and distributing drinking water. But once water has been used by families and businesses, it is essential that it is returned to nature in the purest possible condition, to avoid pollution.
Obviously, water treatment plays an extremely important role in preserving the environment. For this reason, Acea Ato 5 has already invested and continues to invest tens of millions of euros to improve water treatment plants and networks and make them more efficient.
To date, the infrastructures of the water treatment and sewage services managed by the Company include 225 stations for lifting sewage, over 130 plants, and dedicated networks more than 1,600 km long.
Acea Ato 5 regularly checks the quality of wastewater – by taking samples and carrying out tests – to verify the efficiency of the water treatment process. In 2020, approximately 3,100 samples were taken, and 41,000 different tests performed. Additionally, the Provider carries out daily checks in the field thanks to its operators equipped with portable instruments able to detect some of the key indicators and monitor the process in real time. These significant self-assessment activities allow Acea Ato 5 to ensure the full and correct operation of the plants and improve the protection of the environment and water.
To be precise, there are 131 water treatment plants – categorized by type of treatment process – managed by Acea Ato 5 in the 86 municipalities it serves, including in Conca Casale and Rocca D’Evandro (managed outside the competence area); of all the plants managed – which have the potential to serve between 70 and 72,000 people – 72% have the capacity to serve less than 2,000 people; and only 6% have the potential to serve 10,000 or more people.
All these plants collect wastewater from different types of sewage systems and are constantly operated and controlled by specialized operators. This guarantees more frequent checks at the plants and, more in general, greater supervision, which improves the quality of the service offered.
To manage the water treatment and sewage services in its territory, Acea Ato 5 has established a Sewage and Water Treatment Unit whose main objectives are to ensure the operation and maintenance of the sewerage system, water treatment plants, and sewage lifting stations, while meeting the standards set to guarantee their correct use and continuous operation; and also to make sure that the Company’s priority projects proceed – especially those involving the extraordinary maintenance, renewal, modernization, and extension of sewage networks, water treatment plants, and sewage lifting stations.
Currently, water treatment plants are either being built or being renovated in the following municipalities: Anagni (Ponte Piano), Anagni (San Bartolomeo), Ceccano (via Gaeta), Colfelice (Località Mandrelle), M.S.G. Campano (Fontana Magna), Pofi (La Cupa), Roccasecca (Scalo), Serrone (La Mola).
The company works in close collaboration with the ATO 5 Technical-Operational Office to which it has submitted a Roadmap for the Sewage and Water Treatment Systems. This document – starting from the most urgent issues identified during the management period – sets the criteria to regulate the planned sewage and water treatment projects listed based on priority in order to balance the technical, financial, and time feasibility of the interventions required to optimize the entire system, taking into consideration the standards and the requirements from the Area Provider.


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