Acea Ato 5 reports

Water treatment plants have been restored and repaired, some have been rebuilt, and new plants have been planned. More than 15 important investments overall, involving modernizations, new constructions, and projects in the pipeline, are testament to Acea Ato 5’s commitment and efforts in various Municipalities located along the Liri River, all aimed at ensuring that wastewater is treated effectively, and the river basin protected.
The authorization to build the Isola del Liri and Arpino water treatment plant, which was obtained just a few days ago, is the last step of a series of projects designed to improve the health of the stretch of the river that crosses Lazio and the valley from Sorano to Cassinate, improving and normalizing the wastewater that is poured into the river.
When Acea Ato 5 started managing the integrated water service, the situation of the Liri River basin was quite unique and problematic, as very few Municipalities had the capability to treat water and therefore were spilling wastewater directly into the river. A serious issue that Acea Ato 5 started immediately to address.
Over the years, the Provider has carried out the necessary planning and essential work required to provide a water treatment service as well as limit and reduce damage to the stretch of the Liri River that runs across its territory.
To this end, the “Cerasete” water treatment plant in Sant’Andrea del Garigliano has been renovated; the new “Capoluogo” water treatment plant, in Vallemaio, and the San Giorgio a Liri plant have been built.
The new “Monticelli” wastewater treatment plant was built in the Municipality of Esperia, while the old plant has been renovated. The planning and authorization process to build the new water treatment plant in the Municipality of Pontecorvo – in order to double the existing treatment capacity – has been completed and work will start in the next few months.
In Colfelice, the opening of a modern, state-of-the-art treatment plant has allowed to close the old plant and dismiss the obsolete technology; nearby, in Roccasecca, work on the new “Scalo” water treatment plant is about to be completed and the structure is scheduled to open this summer.
In Ceprano, the existing “Via del Rio” plant has been renovated. In the summer, work will start on the new water treatment plant in Arce, which will serve the communities of Arce, Rocca d’Arce, Fontana Liri, and Santopadre.
Important work was also carried out across the vast territory of the Municipality of Monte San Giovanni Campano, where a number of water treatment plants have been renovated and four old plants closed. The most important of the new plants is “Fontana Magna” and scheduled work includes closing smaller plants. Finally, in Sora, the “Tofaro” treatment plant is currently being renovated.
The work – worth tens of millions of euros – is testament to Acea Ato 5 and the entire Acea Group’s commitment to the environment. All projects have met their targets thanks to the professionalism with which the Group plans and operates, using at best the extensive know-how that only a large and well-organized company such as Acea, the leading water provider in Italy, can claim to have in this sector.


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