Acea Ato 5 reports

An important legacy that must be protected, improved, and maintained in the best possible condition with targeted investments. The numerous water structures (reservoirs, wells, water treatment plants, etc.) that Acea manages on behalf of different Municipalities require constant maintenance and regular technology updates.
In some cases, old structures require renovation and modernization not just strictly in terms of water plant equipment, but also to refurbish the buildings in which they are hosted and their surrounding areas, often abandoned and obstructed by overgrown vegetation.
These situations are an opportunity to intervene in the areas where the structures are located, adopting solutions able to mitigate the environmental impact on the surroundings and the landscape. As many of these cases occur in mountain areas, hillsides, or remote parts of the countryside, Acea Ato 5 has planned its interventions taking into consideration the visual impact that the infrastructures have on the environment.
Buildings have been made to blend as much as possible with the surroundings using fences, hedges, planting trees and carefully choosing the colors in which they are painted, all with the aim of reducing their visibility.
Recently, these techniques have been applied during work on structures in the Valle di Comino, such as the wells and reservoirs that serve the Municipalities of Alvito, Settefrati, San Donato Val di Comino and Gallinaro.
Over the past few months these structures have undergone significant maintenance. Work, worth over €500,000, involved aesthetic and functional renovation and also improved safety conditions for the personnel who works every day inside the structures.
Lastly, it must be said that all the work was planned and carried out in agreement with the authorities of the Municipalities involved and the Mayors of the four towns in the Valle di Comino, which the Provider thanks for their support during all stages of the project.


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