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Water services are often associated with the supply of water to homes and businesses: taking water from the springs and distributing it to every home via adduction infrastructures. For a long time, this was exactly what water services referred to. However, there is another side to the work that water provides do today, which in many ways is just as complex as it is important. The part that involves collecting and purifying water once it has been used.
The idea that water has its own cycle, is a resource that must be protected, and once used it should be returned to nature without polluting, has been central to water service regulations only since 1994 (just over 25 years ago), when it was introduced by the Galli Law, which disposed the redundancy of the thousands of local supply services, many of which were scarcely sustainable, and created the integrated water service: sewer systems and wastewater treatment became the other side of the same coin, and water services ceased to be just about the abstraction, adduction, and distribution of water.
After that, it took the best part of ten years to start appreciating the results of the implementation of the principles of environment protection set by the new regulation and dictated long before by Europe.
Today, Acea Ato 5 is involved in wastewater management – which include collection and purification – on a daily basis. Over the last few years, the company has invested tens of millions of euros in this sector, to improve networks and treatment plants and make them more efficient.
Acea Ato 5 has invested 35 million euros just in new water treatment plants, some of which are already being built or will be underway in the next few months, and numerous other projects in the same sector are in the pipeline and have yet to be submitted for authorization.
By December, work will start on the new water treatment plant for Ponte Piano, in Anagni. With capacity for 6,000 people, it will adequately serve the town’s historic center. Over the next few weeks, work will start also on the new water treatment plant for the densely populated neighborhood of San Bartolomea, in Agnani, where the project to renew the sewer system completed by Acea Ato 5 a few months ago, in collaboration with the Municipality and Otuc, now allows to invest in new services for the local community.
By the end of the year, the construction of the water treatment plant of Fontana Magna, in Monte San Giovanni Campano, will be completed, and once in operation it will allow to close the two smaller plants of Baccalà and Anitrella. Also in Monte San Giovanni Campano, work on another water treatment plant for the densely populated neighborhood of Colli will start by the end of the year.
The new Pofi La Valle plant will also be delivered by the end of this year.
The water treatment plant in Via Gaeta, in Ceccano, with the capacity to serve 10,000 people, is scheduled to be delivered in January.
In the new year, work will start on the new water treatment plant in Arce, which will serve the communities of Fontana Liri, Rocca d’Arce and Santopadre, and will have the capacity to serve 9,500 people.
Construction of the new treatment plant in San Donato Val di Comino is scheduled to start in January. The facility will also serve the communities of Gallinaro and Settefrati, with a capacity of approximately 5,000-6,000 people.
In May, work will start on the new water treatment plant in Ausonia, which will serve the nearby communities of Castelnuovo Parano and Coreno Ausonio.
In the next few months, work will start on the plants in Colfelice Mandrelle, Pontecorvo, and Serrone La Mola, and work on the plant in Roccasecca Scalo will be completed. The Services Conference for the new treatment plant for Villa Latina, which could lead to work starting by 2021, is scheduled during the same period.
These are projects that will provide services to a vast and orographically challenging territory, where locally managed services will be replaced by more modern treatment plants with greater capacity, serving multiple municipalities. Projects that often can only start after complex and slow authorization processes.


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