Acea Ato 5 reports

Breaks or leaks at home or in the public network? A tap on your mobile phone and you can report the issue to Acea Ato 5 who will immediately send its engineers.
The service is available via the MyAcea app, allowing customers to manage all aspects of their integrated water account remotely as well as report breaks and leaks in private or public networks.
The service is accessible via the “Issue Reports - Report an issue” section that appears on the homepage of the application. The issue is logged directly in the Acea Ato 5 issue management system and, once verified, local engineers are assigned to carry out the necessary work.
To access the service, users must download the MyAcea app on their smartphones. Its easy and intuitive interface allows to communicate with the Provider and keep under control information and services related to the water supply and water treatment systems.
To report a break or leak, users can simply tap on the “Issue Reports” section and choose to report a “public network issue” or “private network issue”, then select the type of service affected (aqueduct or sewer system).
To be successful, the report must include a photograph of the issue that is being reported and must be sent from its location.
The app identifies on the map the location from where the issue is being reported: if this is where the break or leak is, the user can proceed immediately; if not, the user must enter a more specific address than the one shown automatically.
Then users must select the type of issue: leak in the water network; leak or break in the sewer network; broken, missing or dislodged manhole cover; repairs non-compliant with standards; damaged drinking water fountain or water house; issue involving a plant or site. Additional options allow users to provide further and more precise details.
Before submitting their issue report, the app asks users to take a photograph of the problem to help identify and assess the situation.
This enables engineers to intervene immediately to plan the repair and all the other actions required to solve the problem.
This additional service does not replace the toll-free 800191332 service that customers can always call to report an issue, which is active 24/7 and free from both mobile phones and land lines.
Please be reminded that only using these channels, through which issues are logged directly in the issue management system, ensures a quick response from Acea Ato 5’s teams of engineers.
The MyAcea app is available in Android and iOS app stores. Once registered, app users can access all services: check consumptions, send accurate meter readings, report issues, pay bills, request installment plans, submit requests or complaints, request correction of bill errors, request and receive support, including via chat, set up direct debits, send receipts of payments, request quotes and new supplies, request meter checks and much more.


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