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A telephone system alerts customers in the event of an interruption in the water supply for scheduled maintenance work or a sudden breakage that requires a complex and elaborate intervention.

A new communication service to duly inform customers about repair schedules in the event of an interruption of the water supply.
Acea Ato 5, in collaboration with Enterprise Contact, has launched the new service that duly informs customers in all cases in which repairs to the water network or water plants causes an interruption of the water supply. A measure that reflects the company’s dedication to users and local communities during this Covid-19 health emergency when water supply is particularly important.

This communication service adds to the information already published in the Notifications and News section on the website – – and the poster signs along the affected streets.

Thanks to an instant communication platform, already adopted by Local Authorities and in use in many Municipalities, the system allows Acea Ato 5 to duly notify customers in the affected areas by calling their landlines. A recorded call explains the reasons, date and time during which the service may be interrupted. Residents of the affected street, neighborhood or entire Municipality, will receive a phone call at home with all the necessary information. This recorded phone message is particularly useful to reach and notify elderly users, who often are not familiar with the latest technologies.

The software is able to access public land line telephone databases and select users in the specific area affected by the interruption or suspension of the water supply. The autodialer technology accurately, quickly and effectively contacts all users and provides them with the necessary information.

Additionally, the communication service ensures the highest compliance with data protection and telecommunication regulations.
The activation of this new service is a reiteration of Acea Ato 5’s care towards its customers, especially the most vulnerable, and represents a further step in the implementation of the company’s proximity policy aimed at providing effective answers to everyone’s needs, starting from the existing local faciliti


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