Acea Ato 5 reports

Meter readings can now be submitted by simply calling the toll-free number 800 639 251. A quick and easy choice that helps customers manage their water supply.
Acea Ato 5, increasingly more focused on users and their needs, has activated this new service to allow customers, especially those whose meter is located inside their homes, to submit their meter reading and avoid estimated bills.

Customers can simply call the toll-free number 800 639 251 (from a land line) or 06 45 698 202 (from a mobile). Callers must have their supply number at hand (a number clearly shown on the first page of every bill) and follow the recorded instructions.

When asked, the supply number can be entered using the phone keypad. A voice will repeat the number entered to avoid errors and the caller will have the option to confirm or amend. Also the meter reading is entered using the phone keypad: the 5-digit number must be preceded by zeros, if shown on the meter.
Callers must make sure, as reiterated by the voice, to press the hashtag key (#) after their supply number or the meter reading number. The system will record the data an provide final instructions.

The process is quick and very easy to complete and can be done at home without having to queue at the help desks (which during this health emergency are accessible by appointment only).

Submitting meter readings regularly can be a great advantage for customers. In fact, most issues with bills are due to the lack of recent up-to-date meter readings. Meter readings should be submitted preferably close to the periods shown on the first page of every bill, when Acea operators are scheduled to read the meters.
Providing regular meter readings is especially advantageous to customers whose meters are located on private property as it avoids estimated bills and subsequent adjustments, particularly when meter readings have not been provided for a long time and therefore may result in significant outstanding balances.

Regularly checking the water consumption and submitting meter readings to the Provider also helps to identify hidden leaks within private networks (which are recorded by the meter without the customer being aware). Whether or not customers submit their own meter readings, Acea Ato 5 still makes no less than two reading attempts in 12 months, at least 150 days apart (if annual consumption exceeds 3,000 cubic meters, Acea attempts three readings).

In addition to calling the toll-free number 800.639.251, meter readings can be submitted on the website, at (subject to registering in the User Area), using the MyAcea App (available for Android and iOS), via email, at, or texting 339.99.42.943 (quoting the supply number, the customer number and the digits shown on the meter, followed by #).


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