Acea Ato 5 reports

Acea Ato 5, daily committed to ensure the full operation of the integrated water service and meet the needs of its users, reminds customers that pending the reopening of its help desks in Frosinone and Cassino, they can manage their account and receive information via telephone as well as using the digital channels available. In the meantime, the Company is working to expand its range of contact options and will publish all details as soon as they become available.

By telephone
Leaks, bursts and issues involving a private supply or a public area can be reported calling 800 191 332 (active 24/7 - toll-free from landlines and mobile phones).
Commercial information, assistance and answers to queries about administration and bills are available calling the toll-free number 800 639 251 (from landlines) and 06 45 698 202 (from mobile phones). The service is active Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 19:00, and on Saturday from 08:00 to 13:00 (public holidays excluded).

Via email
Commercial and administration information and assistance can also be requested via email, by writing to
The following specific email addresses are also active: (to request to be called back, quoting customer number, landline or mobile phone number and the service required) and (to request a copy of undelivered bills. It is important to always quote the customer number). It is worth reminding that the activation of the online billing service, completely free of charge, eliminates the need for paper bills. As soon as it is issued, the electronic bill is emailed directly to the customer. The benefits of online billing, starting from no late or undelivered bills, include faster deliveries, since there are no postal delays, and extra convenience, as bills can be viewed and downloaded directly on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Additionally, online billing is an eco-friendly option, because it helps to protect the environment by reducing the use of paper.

Via App
Requesting information, assistance and managing an account is easier via the company’s portal, To use this service, simply register on or Just click on the MyAcea logo and follow the instructions. The service is also accessible from tablets and mobile phones by downloading the “MyAcea” app, available for both iOS and Android devices.

Sul Web
All information can be found on On the website or on customers can check consumption, bills, and submit any request pertaining to the integrated water service. They can view and pay bills online, check and submit meter readings, report leaks and bursts, request and receive support, including via chat, set direct debits, send payment receipts, request to pay in installments, file complaints, request refunds or bill amendments, ask for quotes, submit applications for new connections, request meter checks and a lot more.


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