Acea Ato 5 reports

After the emergency, the focus is on local communities. In this reopening phase, following the lifting of the lockdown restrictions, Acea Ato 5 is scheduling a number of meetings with the mayors of the Municipalities within its territory, in the area of Frosinone. The aim is to make the point of the situation and look at needs and priorities in terms of service.

The objective of Acea Ato 5’s new management, at the helm since shortly before the Covid-19 emergency started, is to promote direct communication between the Water Provider and Local Authorities, who must return to be the main interlocutors.

Restoring communication and reconnecting with local bodies, authorities, associations, and private citizens, is one of the priorities identified by Acea Ato 5’s Board of Directors, through its President, responsible for the project, and the CEO, who has been attributed operational functions. At the same time, under this new leadership, each Acea Ato 5 employee plays a role in bringing the company closer to its local community by focusing on providing all users in the province with the best possible integrated water service.

The meetings scheduled with the local authorities are the first step towards the implementation of the plan to improve the relationship with the local communities, inspired on a proximity model and designed to bring closer and encourage direct communication between Municipalities, citizens and the Company.
A model that aims to put all Company organizational levels in contact with the Municipalities, to reduce distances and response times, creating synergies than can help identify issues and solutions, with Acea Ato 5’s top management always available to take part in conversations and discussions with the mayors and their collaborators.

In this new context, from a strictly technical point of view, Acea Ato 5 has already provided mayors with the priority contact details of the main Heads of Department and Local Managers, who can be contacted for any request or emergency involving the malfunctioning of the aqueduct, sewage system and water treatment services. However, it is still essential for both local authorities and private users to report any issues, breaks or leaks by calling the dedicated toll-free number 800 191332 in order to ensure that all reports are logged.

The system is intended as a new model of relationship with the local community, centered around mayors in their role as receptors of local and citizen needs, and also aims to promote shared responsibility by encouraging dialog on issues, priorities and solutions. 


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