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As we approach summer and temperatures rise, so does water consumption. Therefore, it is worth applying a few simple rules to avoid wastes.

Close the tap when you brush your teeth or shave
Often, when we brush our teeth or shave, we leave the taps running and water goes wasted. By keeping the taps open only for the time required to get the amount of water needed, each person would save 2,500 liters of water every year.

Use tap aerators
Tap aerators are small mechanical gadgets that can be easily applied to taps to slow down the water stream and stop them splashing. Applying a tap aerator saves a considerable amount of water. It reduces the amount of water used by adding air to the water stream and increasing the volume of water coming out of the tap. The outtake is reduced, depending on the models, by between 30% and 60%. A family of three people could save approximately 6,000 liters of water every year!

Repair a leaking tap or WC
A drop of water from the tap, added to the many more that go unused and washed away, is a waste for everyone. Repairing a tap that doesn’t close properly saves approximately 21,000 liters of water, and the same applies to WCs. You could avoid the slow but constant waste of water and save approximately 52,000 liters of water per year.

Smart WC cisterns
Usually, WC cisterns have a capacity of 12 liters of water, which is released at every flush. If possible, it is worth installing systems that are able to release the amount of water strictly necessary. There are systems that allow a more rational use of water (leaver, tap or dual flush), which release 6 or 12 liters of water at a time. These can lead to savings of 50%, quantifiable in roughly 26,000 liters of water per year.

Take a shower rather than a bath
On average, a person needs 20 liters of water to take a shower. But 150 to have a bath. Easy to estimate how big a saving that provides!

Wash vegetables by soaking them in water
Vegetables must be washed and rinsed out carefully! Soak them in a bowl of water for a while and then rinse them quickly under the tap: this can lead a family of three people to save approximately 4,500 liters of water per year.

Run full loads in dishwashers and washing machines
It is worth mentioning that by running these appliances only with a full load, a family of three could save approximately 8,200 liters per year.

Water gardens, plants, and flowers with used water
Vegetable gardens and pots on balconies don’t need to be watered with drinking water. Instead you can use water already employed for other purposes, e.g. for rinsing fresh vegetables. In this way, around 6,000 liters of drinking water can be saved in one year.

Defrost frozen food naturally or in a bowl of water
The habit of leaving them under running water is quantifiable in a waste of 6 liters per minute.





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