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If you have not received your water bill, you can send an email and solve the issue

Acea Ato 5 reminds customers that to receive bills based on actual consumption it is essential to provide regular meter readings.
Often, some water bills issues are due to the lack of recent meter readings but they can be easily solved by customers providing their own readings, in order to pay only for the amount of water they have actually used.

The integrated water service provider makes at least two reading attempts per year, minimum 150 days apart (if the annual consumption exceeds 3,000 cubic meters, reading attempts rise to three). However, for various reasons our personnel cannot always read the meter, especially when it is not accessible and the customer is not present.
In these cases, in their own interest, it helps if customers provide their own meter reading through one of the many available channels.
Meter readings can be sent to Acea Ato 5: by calling the toll-free number 800 639 251, via the website (registering in the reserved area), via the MyAcea app (for Android and iOS), via email to, via SMS to 339 99 42 943 (indicating the user code, the customer code and the numbers shown on the meter followed by #) or at the help desks in Frosinone or Cassino.
By regularly providing your meter reading you avoid estimated bills which may later require adjustments if your real consumption is higher.
Furthermore, regularly checking consumptions and sending meter readings to the Provider can help identify malfunctions or hidden leaks within your private network (which are registered by the meter without you being aware of the fault).
Providing your own meter reading is easy and convenient.

Bill notice
Customers of the integrated water service who did not receive their water bill can request a copy of the bill at our dedicated email address:
When sending an email to, please make sure you quote your customer number. The bill will be immediately sent by email, so that you will not have to go and queue to collect your bill.
To make sure all correspondence is correctly delivered, Acea Ato 5 reminds customers to check that their contact details are complete and up to date and that any changes (name, address and street number) should be communicated to the toll-free number 800 639 251. This number is active from Monday to Friday from 08:00 till 19:00, and on Saturday from 08:00 till 13:00.
Through the MyAcea platform customers may activate the paperless bill service ('Web Bill') at any time. The digital bill is sent the same day it is issued, at no additional cost, to the email address provided by the customer, who can view and download it from any device (computer, tablet or smartphone). The service eliminates the risk of not receiving bills and as it reduces the use of paper, it is an environment friendly choice.


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