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Anyone who regularizes their position by 31 March will not have to pay any outstanding amounts.
Recovering the water volumes lost until now will lower tariffs.

Fostering normal relations with users by regularizing positions and lowering water tariffs. These are the objectives that Acea Ato 5, local authorities and the customer protection body want to achieve with the moratorium for non-registered users, launched thanks to a special agreement, signed in the presence of the Regional Guarantor of the integrated water service.
Data on non-registered users from Ato 5 in Frosinone show that, every year, 15 million cubic meters of water are irregularly taken from the water network by subjects who use the service (aqueduct, sewage system and water treatment) but do not pay for it, because they are not registered.
The agreement aims to encourage non-registered users to regularize their position. Those who do so – signing a contract – by 31 March 2020 will pay nothing more than the activation fee (approximately €100 for domestic supply); instead, those who regularize their position by 30 June 2020, in addition to the activation fee, will also have to pay a third of the average yearly consumption for their type of supply; finally, anyone who regularizes their position by 31 December 2020, in addition to the activation fee, will also have to pay a third of the average yearly consumption for their type of supply for each year of unauthorized use, up to maximum 5 years.
The moratorium offers those who decide to regularize their position the chance to avoid paying overdue amounts and suffering any legal consequences: something which those identified as non-registered users risk facing; but the moratorium is also an advantage for all other users of the water service who regularly pay their bills. In fact, of every three euros they pay in their water bill, one is used to pay for any unauthorized use of water. Almost one third of the total amount billed by the provider is used to cover the cost of the water resources taken every day by non-registered users.
Therefore, the consequences of the actions of non-registered users affect especially honest users, as tariffs rise in order to cover the cost of their unauthorized consumption. Additionally, this situation represents a major violation of user equality.
The current tariff system requires yearly tariffs to be based on the cubic meters of water billed two years before; therefore, managing to bill the volumes of water taken irregularly up until now allows to share the costs of the integrated water service on a greater amount of water provided, thus reducing tariffs to the advantage of all users. Data show that if every non-registered user registered, bills would be reduced by 30%.
Anyone interested may go to the help desks in Frosinone, in Via Aldo Moro n. 415, or in Cassino, in Via Giacomo Leopardi n. 32.
For all information contact
Obviously, positions may be regularized only if the necessary technical and administrative requirements set by the applicable regulations (regularly registered building with regular sewage connection) are met.


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