Acea Ato 5 reports

Moratorium for unregistered users throughout 2020, thanks to the agreement between Ato 5 and Otuc.
No penalties or previous usage charges for anyone who registers by March.

In November 2019, the Area Provider, the Consumer Protection Body and Acea ATO 5, in the presence of the Integrated Water Service Regional Authority, signed an agreement that introduces a moratorium valid throughout 2020 in favor of anyone who is not registered with the provider and needs to regularize their position. The agreement establishes that anyone who has not registered and therefore does not have a regular supply contract, but up till now has used the aqueduct, sewage system and water treatment services without paying any bills, can regularize their situation with the Provider by going to a help desk to register and sign a regular contract. Anyone who regularizes their position by March 2020, will not have to pay for previous usage (for the past 5 years), penalties, expenses or any other fees required by current regulations.

The agreement aims to promote legality and, by regularizing unregistered users, lower water tariffs for all users. In fact, the current tariff system divides costs among all active customers who have signed a contract: the higher the number of customers, the lower the cost of the Integrated Water Service. Unregistered customer data in the Frosinone area show that, every year, more than 15 million cubic meters of water are used without the Integrated Water Service receiving any payment for the supply. In detail, the agreement establishes that:

  • anyone who regularizes their position by 31 March 2020 will pay only for the new connection (approximately €100 for resident domestic use); 
  • anyone who regularizes their position by 30 June 2020 will have to pay for the new connection plus one third of the estimated average yearly usage for their type of user;
  • anyone who regularizes their position by 31 December 2020 will have to pay for the new connection plus one third of the estimated average yearly usage for their type of user for every year of unauthorized use, up to a maximum of 5 years.

The moratorium also benefits users who regularly pay their bills. Unregistered users affect especially honest users, as tariffs rise in order to cover the cost of their unauthorized use of the water services. In fact, data show that of every three euros they pay in their water bill, one is used to pay for unauthorized use of water: almost one third of the amount billed is needed to cover costs of unregistered users.

The current tariff system requires yearly tariffs to be based on the cubic meters of water billed two years before; therefore, managing to bill the volumes of water taken irregularly up until now allows to share the costs of the integrated water service on a greater amount of water provided, thus reducing tariffs to the advantage of all users. Data show that if every unregistered user signed a contract, bills would be reduced by 30%.
Legality benefits all. Anyone interested may go to the help desks in Frosinone, in Via Aldo Moro n. 415, or in Cassino, in Via Giacomo Leopardi n. 32. For all information, please contact

The cold weather is here, water meters need protecting
Acea Ato5 reminds users to protect water meters from cold winter temperatures, to avoid leaks, water cuts and loss of pressure. Unprotected meters or meters very exposed to severe weather conditions must be insulated: polystyrene and polyurethane are the most suitable materials as they effectively protect the devices from low temperatures. Do not use materials such as newspapers and cloths, as they absorb water and humidity and risk freezing and making matters worse. Meters should be protected also if installed indoors in rooms with no heating: excessive temperature drops may block and/or break the devices.


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