Acea Ato 5 reports

Acea Ato 5 has launched a series of meetings in all the Municipalities of the Area.
The initiative aims to verify the condition of the service and pinpoint any critical problems.

Acea Ato 5 has set up a series of dates during which it will have the opportunity to meet in the city halls of the various territories in the “Southern Lazio” Ato no. 5 and listen to the requirements of the respective Municipalities. Indeed, since July, members of the Acea top management tier have been comparing views and interacting with the mayors of the centers served by the integrated water service company to verify the effectiveness of the service and pinpoint any problems in need of an urgent solution.
They have already visited several centers in the Comino Valley, in Valle dei Santi and near Cassino, as well as the Municipality of Isola del Liri.
The initiative is part of those launched by the Company to strengthen the bond with the territory, by listening to the people and exchanging information about the main requirements of the local communities. All in the spirit of cultivating increasingly profitable relationships with the municipal administrations.
Members of the Acea Ato 5 top management team have been received by the mayors in the respective Municipalities, and each meeting has effectively provided an opportunity for comparing views, discussing the condition of the service and any problems, pinpointing the most pressing issues and pledging the Company’s commitment to finding solutions for these in the short term.
To date, the Operator has been pleased to note the mayors’ satisfaction with regard to its constant efforts to improve the service, even in a number of specific problematic cases highlighted during the meetings. It has committed to finding rapid solutions to the most pressing of these.
The themes discussed have been wide-ranging and related to the individuality of the local areas, often highlighting specific requirements for which in many cases, specific technical tables have been promoted with a view to finding a solution.
In particular, on Isola del Liri, the meeting was useful for reconfirming the memorandum of understanding signed between Acea Ato 5 and Ater Frosinone in a bid to normalize the integrated water service supply contracts for public housing. This move has the dual purpose of overcoming and resolving the situations of non-payment in condominiums caused by the lack of a dedicated meter for each customer and favoring the application of the water bonus to all customers who are entitled to it.
The meetings will continue over the next few months, allowing the Company to support the local territories and the Municipalities and to establish a continuous dialog with the Operator.

These are the Municipalities already visited:
Isola del Liri, Alvito, San Donato, Settefrati, Sant’Andrea del Garigliano, Sant’Ambrogio sul Garigliano, Sant’Apollinare Vallemaio, Sant’Elia, Vallerotonda, Acquafondata and Viticuso.


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