Acea Ato 5 reports

The reading can be transmitted via sms, email, the Acea website or the My Acea app.
No more bills with estimates, adjustments and hidden water losses. Consumption under control.

Periodically communicating water consumption by users self-reading their meters is highly useful if they want to avoid their bills being based on estimates and later adjustments.

Most of the problems that occur with these kinds of bills are linked to such factors, but they can easily be avoided so that users only pay for exactly how much they have consumed.

Acea Ato 5 is required to make at least two reading attempts in the 12 months, each at least 150 days apart from the other (if the annual consumption exceeds 3,000 cubic meters, reading attempts rise to three). However, for various reasons our personnel cannot always read the meter, especially when it is not accessible and the user is not present to assist them.

In these cases it is useful, especially for you, if you cooperate with the Operator by self-reading the meter yourself and transmitting the data through one of the many available channels.

The self-reading can be sent to Acea Ato 5 using: the toll-free number 800.639.251, via the website (registering in the reserved area), via the MyAcea app (for Android and iOS), via the email, via SMS to 339.99.42.943 (indicating the user code, the customer code and the numbers read on the meter followed by #) or by going to the sales offices in Frosinone or Cassino.

Preferably, the communication of water consumption should be carried out close to the periods shown on the first page of each bill, when the passage of the Acea reader is envisaged.

The advantages in communicating the self-reading periodically, are considerable: it avoids bills based on estimates, as mentioned, and also avoids the relative adjustments which - if the actual consumption is only registered a long time afterwards - may lead to a request for substantial sums.
Furthermore, periodically checking consumption and communicating it to the Operator helps early identification of the presence of any hidden water loss on the customer's private network (which register on the meter without you becoming aware of the fault).
On top of this, utilities for which there are no Operator readings or sending of self-readings, but only estimated consumption, cannot make use of the prescription (biennial from next year) of any sums due but unpaid.

In terms of meter accessibility and consumption reading, it is worth mentioning, as we have done in the past, that current water service regulations state that: "The meter must be installed so that it can function properly and be easily accessed for reading and maintenance." In other words, it is forbidden to lock the meter with a padlock or with any other system designed to prevent personnel appointed by Acea Ato 5 from carrying out consumption reading or any other activity on the meter. In such cases, actually, the user risks having to answer to the crime of private violence.

Undelivered bills
Important: if you have not received your bill, you can request a copy by sending an email to, indicating your user code. You will immediately receive a duplicate e-mail, and so avoid travelling to queue up at public counters.


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