Acea Ato 5 reports

Water supply service/Decree 93/2017 provides for new regulations for verification and upgrading of meters by 2020

Acea Ato 5 has launched a water meter replacement program in order to comply with provisions set out in Ministerial Decree No. 93 of 21 April 2017 which provides for the upgrading of water meters by 2020.

The Decree sets out a series of regulations for the assessment and verification of legal measuring instruments (i.e. water meters) together with reforms, abolishing earlier provisions in respect of the regulatory system, and providing for specific legal obligations and procedures.

A meter is considered a measuring instrument and must therefore be accurate and reliable. In fact the usage recorded by the meter is invoiced to customers and appears on their bills. Therefore a meter that works correctly improves distribution and makes customer relations fairer and more transparent.

Many of the meters in operation are now old, and in many cases have exceeded their metrological lifespan. They were manufactured in line with regulations which are now obsolete and superseded by relevant European directives and subsequent national legislation.

New-generation meters, manufactured in line with the most recent, stringent provisions, offer the dual guarantee of more precise, reliable measurement and, in addition, can be read by the customer, thus offering more control over the volume of water supplied.

Replacement is completely free of charge for the customer and does not incur any charge on your bill. The work is carried out in the necessary technical time, with no particular inconvenience nor prolonged interruption to service.

It should be noted that the Company has scheduled a ten-year program to replace all meters. For example, during the two-year period 2019-2020, we plan to replace as many as 40,000 older meters.

It is not necessary for users to be present during replacement, except when the meter is located on private property. In this case, it is necessary to allow workers to gain access to the property for the sole purpose of replacing the meter.

Local Authorities will be notified as soon as possible, in order to provide appropriate written notification to residents, who will also be contacted by Acea Ato 5.


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