Acea Ato 5 reports

The provision, desired by Ato, has been extended through to June and should help those who have been misled by pseudo-committees

Until this coming 30 June, users of the water service who are severely behind in making payments due to having been misled by pseudo citizen committees, can apply for a specific debt settlement procedure activated by Acea ATO 5, on the specific request of the Area Authority. The measure, in fact, which had been set to expire last 31 March, has now been extended to half-way through the year.
The initiative is sparked from a specific report made by the ATO 5 to the water Manager whereby “major affluence of users (...)” was noted, “which, although today in default, express the desire to settle their debt (...), at the same time declaring that the non-payment was, unfortunately, recommended to them by alleged citizen committees of which they are members. As these users had been caught up in good faith and poorly advised, it is considered that they should be helped with the application of extraordinary procedures that do not penalise them further”.
Acea Ato 5, in acting as the diligent party and again by agreement with the Area Authority, has therefore envisaged conditions of additional, favourable benefits for users finding themselves in such a position, extending by around 30%, for each year of age of the debt, the duration of the applicable breakdown of payments into instalments, which, therefore, according to the amount and year of reference, may even reach 22 months. This opportunity has been offered to both residential domestic users and non-residential domestic users or those of mixed use, as in the case of utilities discontinued due to non-payment.
To date, numerous users that had made this mistake, have been able to benefit from the system and settle their debt without incurring the more serious consequences envisaged by the service settlement (such as disconnection of supply and closure of the contract) as well as the forced collection of the outstanding amounts. With the extension through to this coming 30 June, the same opportunity is given to all users who are again asking to settle the debt position brought about by incorrect advice and unrealistic expectations suggested by pseudo citizen committees.


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