Acea Ato 5 reports

The bill is statute barred in 5 years; starting from 2020, the deadline will be shortened to 24 months
To apply for statute barring, the consumption meter must be accessible

The bill for water consumptions or balance calculations is statute barred in 5 years (starting from 2020, as established by the 2018 Budget Law, the deadline will be brought forward to two years). The user can therefore apply for statute barring on the amounts requested once 5 years have passed if the manager has not requested payment and has not sent any deeds interrupting these terms. The same applies for bills issued as balance calculations relative to periods exceeding 5 years.
All this, however, only applies if the meter is freely accessible or if the user has himself sent in a reading, using the specific channels made available by the manager. It should, in fact, be recalled that the manager must make at least two attempts at reading per year (three if consumption exceeds 3,000 cubic metres). When the meter is not accessible, therefore, the manager shall bill “on account, subject to balance calculation”; this balance will only be calculated when it is effectively able to record the exact consumption.
To apply for statute barring, therefore, the consumption meter must be accessible to the operator and, if not, the reading must have been notified by the user. This is because if all attempted readings have been unsuccessful and the user has not proved willing to facilitate access to the meter, the manager shall not be held liable for not having ascertained the consumption and requested payment due in a timely manner. The claim for state barring will be granted each time the delay in issuing the bill for the balance calculation is due to failure to take a reading, through the fault of the Company.

The claim for statute barring will instead be rejected if the meter is located within the customer’s property and the latter has prevented the Company from accessing the meter and, therefore, recording effective consumption, or when there are any works in progress that prevent a reading from being taken. Please remember that a self-reading can be sent to Acea ATO 5 by means of: freephone number 800.639.251, this website, registering with the reserved MyAcea area, the MyAcea app, e-mail, SMS 339.99.42.943 or by visiting the commercial branches of Frosinone or Cassino.


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