Acea Ato 5 reports

New regulation approved for the bonus thanks to the agreement reached between Acea Ato 5, the Area Authority and OTUC
An end to maxi bills generated by hidden losses. By agreement with the Area Authority and OTUC, Acea Ato 5 has established a specific procedure - now also incorporated into an Ato regulation - by means of which the user of the water service and ask that excess consumption be recalculated if generated by a loss on the internal water network (i.e. that downstream of the meter and for which responsibility lies with the user), of which he had not been aware.

The loss, even once repaired, must be ascertained by the Manager.
The user concerned shall submit a request through one of the channels made available to this end (e-mail, certified e-mail, commercial branches or ordinary mail), on the specific form available from the dedicated page.
The recalculation of consumption will impact the aqueduct portion, according to the type of user and regularity of reading attempts. Instead, as regards the portion relative to the water/sewage treatment services (if supplied), the user will only pay on the basis of past consumption.
It is important that the user provides the effective reading at the time of the repair, to allow for the correct recalculation of the bill. If it should be revealed that the hidden loss comes under the exclusive liability of the manager, the cost exceeding the past consumption will be paid in full by Acea ATO 5.
As regards the aqueduct portion (whether or not the meter is accessible, whether or not there have been readings or attempted readings or whether it has been self-read), the relief procedure establishes that the user shall:
1) in any case pay past consumption at the normal tariff;
2) also pay for the consumption that exceeds past logs (presumably generated by the loss) at the cost of only the beneficial tariff, halved, for up to 6 months.
Only if the meter is inaccessible and there have been regular attempts to take readings made by Acea Ato 5, which have been unsuccessful and not through the fault of the manager, will the user pay for:
1) past consumption at normal tariff;
2) all consumption exceeding past logs, for the entire period between the last valid reading and the ascertainment of the hidden loss, recalculated at the cost of the special tariff, halved.


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