Acea Ato 5 reports

The water supplied by Acea Ato 5 to the citizens of the town and province of Frosinone now comes with its own identity document.
The Integrated Water Service Provider has launched a new initiative to promote information about the characteristics of the water that comes through the taps of every home, which often is wrongly considered not “good”.
The water springs and sources in the province of Frosinone boast an excellent “pedigree”, better than many acclaimed waters.
Acea Ato 5 has always published the results of the regular tests it carries out on its water on its website, where they are always available to anyone interested.
To find out more about the water that reaches your home and discover its characteristics, you can visit, select “Quality” and click on “Find out more” in the “Water quality” section. Thanks to the interactive map, you can identify your Municipality and the exact area in which you live: when you enter your address, you will be shown the specific area and will be able to click on the map close to your home. You will see where the water is sourced from and be able to download data on the results of the tests carried out.
To this basic service, required by law, the provider now adds an additional element with the aim of informing users about the quality of the water that reaches their homes, providing anyone interested with a document that precisely identifies what type of water is supplied to their neighborhood or municipality.
For each Municipality or municipal area, a proper identification document will be issued with the details and all the characteristics of the water supplied. A document that shows the spring or the source of the water and the results of the tests carried out: mineral content, hardness, acidity/basicity, concentration of the various elements, and more.
For example, you will find out the “dry residue” – the weight (mg/l) of residual mineral salts obtained after the total evaporation of a liter of water at 180°C; or the pH value, i.e. the level of acidity/basicity of the water; if it contains “nitrates” and in what concentration; how “hard” the water is – meaning how much dissolved calcium it contains.
An initiative designed for the benefit of its customers and to promote transparency and knowledge about the quality and safety of water.
The water's ID Card will be available at help desks and currently can be requested via the alternative channels used to contact Acea Ato 5 operators (toll-free number, email, digital help desks) and will be sent via email or WhatsApp.
Every year, Acea Ato 5 carries out over 100,000 tests on the water it supplies to its customers: in 2020, it carried out approximately 2,424 samplings and 102,630 tests.
All tests meet the standards set by the applicable regulations (Legislative Decree 31/01). Testing frequency is proportionate to the volume of water distributed, population, and the historic data pertaining to the unique characteristics of the local sources. Monitoring is carried out with the support of specialist, certified, and accredited testing laboratories.



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