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Modern solutions to improve the management of a system as old as the water service. Acea Ato 5, building on the knowledge and experience developed by the entire Acea Group, is implementing state-of-the-art technology to modernize and improve procedures, work techniques, interventions and solutions to all issues and requirements related to managing the integrated water service.
The adoption of new technologies to repair water mains, computerizing services and encouraging customers to use the website or app, are some of the latest initiatives that reflect the Company’s intention to rethink its everyday work, adopting new industrial solutions and the latest techniques.
In the last few days, the town of Anagni experienced firsthand the advantages and efficiency of this new strategy when repairs to the sewage system were carried out right in its town center. Instead of the traditional approach that involves excavating and repairing all leaks, the entire affected length of the sewer was relined by inserting in the existing pipeline a single cylindric-shaped sleeve made of polyethylene and glass fiber. An inliner that solidifies when exposed to ultraviolet light (beamed along the sewer using a mechanic cart) and lines the inside of the sewer, adhering perfectly to the existing pipes. The technique ensures the sewage pipes are perfectly waterproof and repairs any possible leak. The relining method allows to position the sleeve even where the pipes are slightly curved or change shape. Among its multiple advantages, the fact that work can be carried out without excavating urban areas, something that is especially appreciated in old town centers where it is important to preserve any characteristic paving; additionally, works only last a few days with minimum inconvenience for the local community.
In the past few months, the use of a modern technology that identifies water leaks was experimented along the Asta degli Aurunci pipe system, one of the main systems in Ciociaria, which runs across mountain areas hardly accessible to vehicles. The new technology, which relies on acoustics and remote sensing, involves the introduction of a smart spherical device in the pipeline: a ball with an ultrasonic transmitter and synchronized GPS, which thanks to a system of sensors fitted along the network transfers all the data it collects to a computer, providing information on the surveyed section as the ball moves inside the pipeline transported by the water flow.
Additionally, thanks to modern video-survey techniques and assessments, in a short time it was possible to verify the condition of over 43 kilometers of pipeline across the network.
Innovation and closeness are the keywords of the new proximity to users model, valorising the resources on the territory and implementing computerized technologies: the MyAcea app, to allow customers to manage all aspects of the integrated water service via mobile phone, has now been joined by the Ufirst app, to book help desk appointments and avoid queues and unnecessary gatherings, and the Waidy app, that helps users identify in real time all the active public fountains nearby in every Municipality served by Acea Ato 5 and also provides historic information and data on the quality of the water.
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