Acea Ato 5 reports

Easy and quick operations thanks to digital channels.

The MyAcea section, accessible to customers from the websites and, was created by Acea Ato 5 a few years ago. In this section customers can find information on the Supply Agreement, check their consumption, send meter readings, report faults, pay bills, file complaints, request refunds, submit applications for new connections or changes of use, request cancellations or checks, report hidden leaks and request anything else they may need.
All necessary forms can be found in a dedicated section.
On the same website or from the app, customers can also activate the paperless “Web Bill” service. Digital bills are sent via email on the date they are issued and avoid any postal delivery issues.

The service also includes, for customers who pay via direct debit or otherwise (and always before the expiry date), sending a digital copy of the bill to allow them to see and check the bill and report any anomalies.
Customers who pay their bills via direct debit are reminded that they may preemptively block payments by contacting their bank.

Customers who have not yet used the service may register on the website (by simply clicking on the MyAcea logo and following the instructions). The service is also accessible from tablets and mobile phones by downloading the “MyAcea” app, available for both iOS and Android devices.

Additionally, for requests, information and assistance, you may always send an email to; if you have not received your bill, please contact When sending an email, please make sure you quote your customer number. The bill will be sent immediately via email.

You may request information and carry out any operation by phone, calling Acea Ato 5’s toll-free number 800 639 251 (from a land line) and 06 45698202  (from a mobile).
To report a fault, please call the toll-free number 800 191 332.


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