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Benefit extends to users with Basic Income and Basic Pension.

With deliberation number 3, of 14 January 2020, Arera – the water sector Authority – implemented the provisions of the so-called Fiscal Decree approved by the Government at the end of 2019.
The decree takes into account the recommendations made by Arera with regard to the social water bonus, which now has been extended to the sewage system and water treatment services.
Since 1 January this year, the social water bonus – which until 2019 was available only to families in economic difficulty – now includes greater discounts in the water bill and extends to users with Basic Income and Basic Pension.
With the above-mentioned deliberation, the Authority has increased the value of water bill bonuses for families in economic difficulties (bonus already applicable to electricity and gas supplies and now introduced by the same decree also for urban waste disposal services), in order to guarantee lower bills not just for water (as previously), but also for sewage system and water treatment services.
Thanks to Arera's new regulations, anyone with Basic Income or Basic Pension (as already applicable to electricity and gas supplies) may apply for the bonus starting from 1 February.
It is estimated that thanks to the bonus increase, a typical family of three in economic difficulties (using 150 cubic meters per year) will be able to cover – on average – a third of its annual water costs.
It is worth reminding that all families with an Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator (ISEE) equal or below €8,265 – or €20,000, if they include more than 3 dependent children – may apply for the bonus; the same conditions required to apply for the electricity and gas bonus.
Bonus applications must be presented at the Municipality of residence (or other bodies authorized by the Municipality, CAF), also in conjunction with the electricity and/or gas bonus application. If accepted, the bonus allows for a discount in the bill equivalent to 18.25 cubic meters of water per year (equivalent to 50 liters/person/day, the minimum amount required for essential human needs) for each member of the family, calculated based on the special tariff applied by the provider for the aqueduct services and the sewage system and water treatment service tariffs.
The forms to apply are available on Arera’s website (, on, on the provider's website ( and on the regional body’s website (
In the case of direct contract holders, the discount will be applied directly in the bill; indirect users, i.e. families living in condominiums who don't have their own water supply contract, will receive the social bonus as a single payment, according to the methods set by the water service provider (for example, credited on their bank account or by non-transferable cheque).
Additionally, starting from 2021, anyone entitled to the bonus will receive it automatically, as per Arera’s request to the Government and Parliament, without having to submit an application. The same will apply to all other social bonuses.
The Bonus is funded by a compensation system set by Arera and accounted for in the water bill.


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