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Major savings for families
How to submit the applications to obtain them

Starting July 2018, the “water social bonus” can be requested for the supply of water for domestic residential use. This is a direct benefit for families in a situation of financial hardship and aims to reduce the cost of the aqueduct service. The measure is envisaged by the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 13 October 2016 and subsequently implemented by provisions of ARERA, the Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment.

The benefit envisages a free minimum quantity of water per person, per year, of 50 litres per day (18.25 cubic metres of water per year), set as the minimum level necessary to satisfy essential requirements. The bonus will guarantee, for example, that a family of four will not need to pay for 73 cubic metres of water each year. The benefit is due to direct and indirect users of the aqueduct service who are in a condition of social-financial hardship, i.e. who live in family units with an ISEE of no more than 8,107.5 euros or, if with at least 4 dependent children, with an ISEE of no more than 20,000 euros.
The term “direct users” is applied to mean the end user, who is the holder of a residential domestic supply contract; an “indirect user” is instead a member of the family unit making use, in the place of residence, of an aqueduct service supply contracted in the name of a condominium utility.
In order to obtain the bonus, an application must be submitted, in the form of a statutory declaration, to the council of residence or any other entity as may have been designated by the council to this end (CAF, mountain communities, etc.). The forms to request the benefit are available from the ARERA website, from or by consulting the dedicated page and the area government entity. The water bonus can also be requested together with that envisaged for electricity and gas and is granted for a period of 12 months. At the end of this period, if still meeting the necessary requirements, the user must renew the request.


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