Aggiornato 16 maggio 2019

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Stefano Gamberini 16/05/2019
Buy "Risultati leggermente migliori, ma con un peggiore contributo dell`area Energy sales...."
Banca Akros
Emanuele Oggioni
'We confirm our estimates, which are above analysts’ consensus estimates and the company’s guidance. We have downgraded our recommendation from Accumulate to Neutral, due to limited upside after a very strong stock outperformance since our upgrade....."

Suarez Javier
Sara Piccinini
''"....1Q19 numbers were strong although in line with expectations with EBITDA growth being explained by the water business, with good contribution of newly-consolidated Gori. We continue to believe that the valuation of Acea continues to be surprisingly low (6.5x EV/EBITDA) for a company that is highly-regulated, has a decent balance sheet and the possibility to grow in its core business, while maintaining a good dividend profile."
Kepler Cheuvreux Claudia Introvigne 16/05/2019 Hold
'"All is confirmed after the release of Q1 results, which continue to demonstrate the local utility’s (mostly regulated) capability to grow....."


Dario Michi 16/05/2019
'...Acea posted increasing results YoY. In our view, the results are already factored in the current market prices..."

Main First Bank AG Enrico Bartoli 16/05/2019
'"....Q1-19 results improved our confidence that the company’s guidance for EBITDA growth in 2019 would prove conservative. Our 2019 EBITDA estimate is already above guidance and we think that further upside would arise from possible acquisitions of waste and solar PV assets over the coming quarters...."
Intermonte Federico Pezzetti
'"We believe this plan not only fully confirms the strong progress achieved by management over the past 18 months - both from an industrial and financial viewpoint – but also shows the clear intention to accelerate investments further with a focus on regulated businesses and innovation....."

Banca IMI Gruppo Intesa San Paolo
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