How to report a failure

Tell us where you have notice a failure or danger: your report will be handled by our technicians to plan an intervention as quickly as possible.

(step 1) Enter the MyAcea reserved area and access the section for reports.

(step 2) Enter the address where the failure is (street name and number) and any plate there may be on the lighting post.

(step 3) Specify the type of failure and the number of lamp posts not functioning.

(step 4) To find out if progress is being made, go to the Report status section for an updated list of your reports.

From a landline, call the freephone number 800130336 and select option 2.
From a mobile telephone, call 0645400396.

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How to report a danger

(step 1) You can report a danger if you notice any of the following situations:

  • a post that is leaning sharply due to an impact or incident;
  • a lamp or part of a lamp that is dangerous;
  • a hatch open with visible cable

(step 2) From a landline, call the freephone number 800130336 and select option 2.
From a mobile telephone, call 0645400396.