Our relationship with the Institutions is a fundamental aspect of our business, bearing in mind that our company provides essential public services throughout the territory, the majority of which are subject to regulation.  

Acea represents one of the territory's strategic infrastructural assets  an interacts with the Public Administrations to contribute towards the higher needs of public interest, for example in terms of water, by activating the emergency management Plans agreed with the local Institutions. Emerging issues include monitoring the cyber threat to the IT networks pertaining to services of general interest and, in this area, Acea is permanently involved in the works of the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) and has also taken part in the European Horizon 2020 programme with the ECHO (European network of Cybersecurity centres and competence Hub for innovation and Operations) project. for the establishment of a European network of cybersecurity competence centres. 

Relations and synergies with universities, research entities, representative organisations, professional associations, etc. are maintained assiduously and transparently, in observance of roles and purposes.


In the world of multi-utilitities, we stand out for the human and relation aspect of our services.  We organise specific initiatives to involve our staff and encourage them to work to the best of their ability with a view to creating  first and foremost a solid company culture.


We wish to assure our customers regarding the social and environmental sustainability of our supply chain. With this in mind, we talk to our suppliers help them to become increasingly more sustainable.


We operate in businesses closely linked to natural resources which therefore have a major impact on the environment.

We are constantly committed to sustainable management of our industrial processes from the offtake of  resources to their transformation and return to the ecological cycle.


As a multi-utility company, we ensure citizens receive essential services. Driven by this  awareness we are committed to becoming a reliable, top quality partner capable of responding to our customer needs.

Shareholders and financial backers

Relationships with the economic and financial world are important for making ourselves known, enhancing our strengths and creating  opportunities for growth.

Local communities and the territory

We want to grow alongside the territory generating the best infrastructural conditions in terms of safety and efficiency, which are the foundations for developing the local community and valorising the monumental heritage via the creation of culture.


When carryng out our work, our guiding principle is the company's sustainability over time.