At governance level

Acea pays attention to the integration of sustainability into corporate governance.
The 2020-2024 Sustainability Plan, approved by the Board of Directors, confirmed/integrated the «governance level» objectives defined in the previous Plan, implying transversal effects on the integration of sustainability.

Representation of the integration of sustainability in Governance of the Acea Group

Sustainable risk assessment Inclusion of material ESG issues in the business risk management model.
Assessment of the safety and environmental risks and impacts for its operations with a view to monitoring and reducing them also via the adoption of certified management systems
Sustainable strategy Integrated interpretation of economic/financial and sustainability data so as to draw attention to the overall value generated by the Group 
Sustainability in remuneration policies Give importance to objectives intended to promote impacts on business sustainability integrating them as part of performance management models
Dissemination of sustainability culture  Dissemination of the “sustainability culture”, via related internal and external stakeholder awareness and engagement initiatives
Sustainability for shareholders and financiers Integration of financial aspects with the Group’s sustainability objectives and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) elements in communications and relationships with shareholders and investors;
Sustainable sector regulations Interpretation of regulation development trends, at both domestic and European level, with regard to sustainability-related issues in the company’s areas of operation
Sustainability in people management Development of an advanced industrial relations model, capable of responding to the new social needs and focused on employees’ organisational and personal wellbeing
Sustainability in procurement Sustainable management of the supply chain, bringing the company into line with supply management and circular procurement best practices