Press Release

With reference to the water situation of the Municipality of Ponte, Gesesa believes it is necessary to provide correct information to citizens.

Ponte's water supply has been, for several years, ensured by the pumping of three wells located in the municipal area and by the connection to the Torano-Biferno aqueduct.

Since February 2023, one of the three wells, the one called "Middle School", has been closed by Gesesa due to the presence of tetrachlorethylene. It should be noted that the weekly monitoring of the well had highlighted an increasing trend in the values ​​of the afore mentioned chlorinated solvent, so much so that Gesesa decided to close it as a precaution.

Even after the closure, Gesesa continued to monitor the well, confirming the growing increase in tetrachlorethylene levels, above the limits set for drinking water - an aspect which led the company to definitively abandon this extraction point. Therefore, as of today, only the two wells that do not present critical issues remain active.

In a context of water scarcity, the solution is not only to find new sources - a very complex and medium-long term aspect - but also to safeguard the water resource already available and, above all, reduce water dispersion. On the basis of this good practice, the Municipal Administration of Ponte took action, asking Gesesa to prepare a feasibility study for a financing by the Campania Region of over 2.5 million euros, and which envisages the renovation of the entire water distribution network, as well as the installation of an activated carbon system to guarantee the reuse and safeguard the resource of the "Middle School" well.
Gesesa shared with the Mayor and the municipal administration of Ponte that activating the wells would not have been a feasible solution. These wells were abandoned for years, and are located in the market area because the aquifer is the same from which the "Middle School" well once drew.

To conclude, it should be noted that Gesesa does not need incisiveness and firmness on the part of the Administrators of the municipalities managed to be obliged to repair the losses, as this duty arises not only from the ARERA resolutions, but also from a deeply rooted concept of a service which is increasingly close to the users, so much so that to be even more effective, Gesesa has created WhatsApp groups for each municipality managed, in which the mayor of the municipality, the operations technicians and the managing director are all included.

Finally, at the press conference held on 25 June, Gesesa presented the repair work carried out on the network for all the municipalities managed in 2023 and for the first five months of 2024. It should be noted that the very municipality of Ponte, out of 21 municipalities managed including the region capital, accounted for 5.86%, with 124 interventions in 2023, and 7.15%, with 59 interventions in 2024. It is therefore believed that these numbers clearly illustrate Gesesa's commitment to the Ponte area, waiting for the entire water distribution network to be re-built from scratch.


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