Comunicati Stampa

Yesterday afternoon, one of the now regular meetings between the consumer Associations and Gesesa has taken place. Present at the headquarters of the water manager, located in Corso Garibaldi, Benevento, were the President of Gesesa Domenico Russo, the CEO Salvatore Rubbo and the following Associations with their representatives: Laura Mastrocinque for Unione Nazionale Consumatori, Emanuela Lombardi for Lega Consumatori, Roberta Sarracino for CODACONS, Giovanna Lobina for CODICI Benevento, Antonio Barletta for Federconsumatori Benevento.

The Associations that attended the meeting asked for explanations on what happened in recent days regarding the water emergency and updates on the current status, together with forecasts for the coming weeks. The President and the CEO of Gesesa explained the current situation, providing precise explanations on what happened and reiterating Gesesa's utmost commitment to managing the water crisis underway in Campania and across most of Southern Italy, trying to cause the least possible inconvenience to citizens. The managers of Gesesa have declared that at present, considering the quantity of water received from the Campania Region via the Torano-Biferno aqueduct, no night-time closures are necessary in the city of Benevento.  However, the consumer Associations attending the meeting declared that, should they become necessary again, these night closures can continue from 00:00 to 5:30 AM, as they do not cause great inconvenience either to citizens or to businesses. The purification situation was also discussed, and the Associations received updates, taking note of the commitment and important progress achieved by Gesesa. Reference was also made to the activated carbon filtering system to be installed at the Pezzapiana water distribution station. The Associations have underlined the great importance of this work and the need to carry it out as soon as possible. The President of Gesesa agreed with the remarks made by the Associations, and stated that he expects the imminent publication of the tender by the Municipality of Benevento. The Associations have acknowledged the great commitment of Gesesa and the consequent data regarding repairs of water leaks, as well as what has been achieved regarding the reconstruction of sections of the network in various municipalities managed, thanks to regional funding, as well as what will have to be achieved in the city of Benevento with the reconstruction of various sections of the network, which are among the most critical ones, for a total of approximately seven kilometres. Finally, the discussion was dedicated to planning the future and to the arrival of the new management company. The parties agreed that there is an absolute need to open a new phase that can allow significant investment for the reconstruction of the water networks, now at the end of their life, throughout the whole Province of Benevento, and to reduce the unacceptable levels of water dispersion, as the repairs of the leaks are no longer enough to try to solve the problem. The parties, having taken note of the status of the ongoing procedure, hope for the immediate publication of the tender by the President of the Campania Region. Federconsumatori has declared its opposition to the privatisation of the integrated water service, while sharing the hope of faster decisions, which can no longer be postponed. The consumer Associations thanked the President and the CEO of Gesesa for the usual openness and transparency in providing any type of clarification and information, and have recognised Gesesa's commitment to offering a good quality integrated water service, despite the great and multiple existing difficulties, starting with the inadequate level of tariffs. In this sense, the parties agreed that, in the future, some increases — albeit slight and always controlled by ARERA and EIC — will probably be essential to guarantee a high-quality standard, considering the rise in all costs, including energy and raw materials. Gesesa thanked the attending consumer Associations for their constant and widespread activity carried out to protect citizens and for the constructive and collaborative spirit always demonstrated, albeit with respect for each other's roles. The parties adjourned to a next meeting to be defined.


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