Press Release

GGesesa has announced that the low rainfall in the last winter and spring season requires the utmost care and caution, as a substantial drop in the supply of deep and surface springs has been recorded.
Therefore, it is essential to prevent water waste and improper use, which are increasing exponentially due to a rise in temperatures.
Below are some tips to minimise any waste of the water resource:

1. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or shampooing
Leaving the tap turned on while brushing your teeth, rinsing your razor or shampooing your hair can waste more than 30 litres of drinking water.

2. Check for hidden leaks
Check taps or the toilet tank for any leaks.

3. Adjust the toilet flush
Install a toilet tank equipped with a double button or flow regulator.

4. Use the washing magine and dishwasher at full load
Always use a fully loaded washing machine or dishwasher only when necessary. 

5. Install an aerator on taps
This device reduces the water flowing out from the tap without reducing the washing action and/or comfort.

6. Use a container for washing dishes or vegetables
Before washing vegetables, fill a basin and let them soak; same for the dishes (you can also use the water to cook the pasta for hot water).

7. Have a shower instead of a bath
Having a bath requires more than 150 litres of water; while having a shower requires 40-50 litres.

8. Wash your car less frequently and use a bucket
If you reduce washings and use a bucket instead of running water, you can save 100 litres of water.

9. Be smart in watering your garden
Reuse water, rainwater and opt for drip systems.

10. Check the meter with taps turned off to detect any hidden leaks
Before bed, turn off all the taps, read the meter and check for any changes in the morning.


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