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The electricity distributors from Rome and Vienna will collaborate on Smart Grid and flexibility projects for innovation of the grids pertaining to the two historical European capitals
Announcement during the official visit to Rome on the part of Viennese Municipal representatives

The Acea Group company Areti, responsible for the distribution of electricity in Rome, and Wiener Netze, the company which manages the grid in the city of Vienna, have signed an important agreement for collaboration on matters connected with innovation and digitisation. The announcement was made this morning during the course of a meeting at the historical Castro Pretorio primary substation, which took place as part of an official visit to Rome by the Viennese Municipal representatives.

Areti and Wiener Netze, which already collaborate within the scope of various European initiatives, will now cooperate on projects with high technological value such as next generation Smart Meters, flexibility market management and Smart Grids. As commented by Areti’s Managing Director Giulio Carone “This agreement will allow the development of synergies between respective competencies with a view to modernising and digitising the grids in order to achieve constantly more advanced management processes for the electricity infrastructures serving the two cities. Experiences and technical and operational solutions will be pooled for the benefit of an even more efficient service for the residents of the two capitals”.

During the visit to the primary substation, a description was given illustrating the special features of plant and electricity grid management in a city such as Rome, characterised by the well-known archaeological, artistic and town-planning restrictions, pointing out the similarities with the city of Vienna and indicating as an example of technological and historical integration precisely the Castro Pretorio primary substation, with its wealth of archaeological finds.Nel corso della visita alla Cabina primaria sono state illustrate le particolarità della gestione degli impianti e della rete elettrica in una città come Roma caratterizzata dai ben noti vincoli archeologici, artistici e urbanistici, evidenziando le similitudini esistenti con la città di Vienna e portando come esempio di integrazione tra tecnologia e storia proprio la cabina primaria di Castro Pretorio, ricca di reperti archeologici.


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