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The first one was inaugurated ten years ago. It distributes both still and sparkling water, offers the possibility of recharging mobile phones and tablets, and is geolocalised by an app created by the Acea Group 

In the proximity of the Via Sacra, on the path that leads from the Colosseum to the Roman-Palatine Forum complex, a new Water House of the Acea Group was inaugurated today. The event was attended by the Councillor for Public Works of Roma Capitale, Ornella Segnalini, the Vice President of the 1st Municipality, Alessandra Sermoneta, the Director of the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum, Alfonsina Russo, and the President of the Acea Group, Barbara Marinali.

The inauguration of this Water House takes place exactly ten years after the birth of this project, launched by the Acea Group with the aim of inviting citizens and tourists to use water resources responsibly and encouraging the use of reusable containers.

With their unique dark green, kiosk-like structure, they are now part of the street furniture and, in addition to representing the deep link between the city and water, they demonstrate the Acea Group's commitment to designing and building a more sustainable city. A modern and hi-tech evolution of the ancient fountains of Rome, Water Houses are equipped with electrical power sockets for charging mobile phones and tablets, and are geolocalised by an app created by the Group called Acea Waidy Wow, which allows to easily locate the nearest water point and also check your hydration level.

Water Houses are located near places of aggregation or next to sites of tourist interest, near metro stops, squares and parks, or in places with high symbolic value, such as in front of the entrance to the Colosseum (on the side of the metro stop B) and near the Arch of Constantine.

Installed first in Rome and then in the rest of Lazio, as well as in Tuscany, Umbria, Campania and Molise, the Water Houses managed by the Acea Group are around 430 in total and distribute over 110 million litres of water — both still and sparkling — free of charge every year.

“The inauguration of a new water house is good news — says the Councillor for Public Works of Roma Capitale, Ornella Segnalini. Just two months ago, we installed three new “nasoni” right in the Colosseum area and, today, we continue our commitment with a new technological water point. Roma Capitale and Acea are committed to taking care of the city, also through innovative solutions which, as in this case, contribute to everyone's well-being and environmental protection, particularly in such a valuable and intensely visited area".

“The Water Houses project is ten years old — stated the President of the Acea Group, Barbara Marinali — and represents an important signal of attention to the needs of the territory, citizens, tourists and pilgrims, also in view of the next Jubilee. In fact, the Acea Group has always combined history with innovation and sustainability, not only in Rome, but in all the areas in which it is present and in all the fields in which it operates, also with a view to spreading the culture of protection of the environment and resources".

“The commitment to the eco-sustainability of the environment — ​​said the Director of the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum, Alfonsina Russo — is a goal that the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum embraces both in its very mission and in the context of the broader and more extensive PArCo Green project. The installation of the new water house in such a strategic point for the tourist flows that access the Park or pass through the Colosseum Square also represents a further moment of fruitful collaboration and sharing of intentions between institutions, as it offers an essential service for the public, and acts as a deterrent to illegal resale phenomena, as well as offering the visitor an important service especially in the summer period, when temperatures are increasingly higher".


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