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A pilot project in the building includes an innovative ICT infrastructure and the management of 16 electric vehicle charging points for public use.
An irrigation system for green spaces based on the reuse of waste and rainwater, as part of a water-saving project, is also being studied.

The SUSTAINABLE CITY HUB Project, born from the strategic partnership between the ICIGEST Consortium, which manages Commercity in Rome, one of the main logistics hubs dedicated to wholesale trade, and Acea Innovation, was inaugurated today. The initiative, linked to the issues of energy transition, green mobility and circular economy, has involved the creation of 16 charging points for electric vehicles (both quick and fast types), open to public use, managed in interoperability thanks to Acea Innovation's ICT platform (BOMTS), which supports their operation and provides monitoring services for management and environmental KPIs, providing continuous analysis functions.

Commercity, the Wholesale Trade City, is one of Italy's largest commercial realities, with more than 300 polymeric companies active in its 330 warehouses spread over an area of more than 700,000 square metres, of which more than 210,000 square metres are covered and 107,000 square metres are used for parking areas and 200,000 square metres are used for green spaces.

Transforming the centre of commerce into a small island of sustainability equipped with the latest technologies, developed by Acea Innovation entirely with in-house know-how, and making them available to the Rome area: this is the goal of the large-scale project presented this morning in the presence of the head of Acea Innovation's E-mobility business unit Daniele Del Pesce, Commercity president Valter Vomiero, the city planning councilor Maurizio Veloccia and the president of the 11th municipality Gianluca Lanzi.

Today, Commercity and Acea confirm and consolidate a strategic partnership in the wake of a long-standing virtuous path, which combines the choice of investments, diligently evaluated in the Green&Circular Economy field, with the realisation of new highly innovative and technological projects at the service of the community. With the current partnership, a relationship between the two important realities already started in 2010 with the construction of a significant 5MW photovoltaic plant (now owned by the EF Solare Italia Group) on the canopies distributed over the parking areas of Commercity is renewed.

In the medium/long term, the partnership between Commercity and Acea Innovation includes a further important synergic development, structured according to Acea's usual multidisciplinary approach, giving rise to innovative projects that will guarantee further services to the community operating within the area, constituting, de facto, a real Hub of Production of Energy from Renewable Sources and Sustainable Mobility, which promotes annual savings in terms of CO2, amounting to approximately 50 tons. The Acea Group is also studying a water-saving project centred on the reuse of wastewater, treated on site, and rainwater for the irrigation of green spaces.

Daniele Del Pesce, head of Acea Innovation's E-mobility business unit, commented: "The SUSTAINABLE CITY HUB project that we inaugurated today, born from the strategic partnership with Commercity, with which we share the attention to issues related to sustainable development, is a source of particular satisfaction for us. In fact, the work carried out at the centre is in line with Acea Innovation's activities dedicated to energy transition and circular economy and, also thanks to the innovative technologies applied, allows us to actively contribute to the achievement of the decarbonisation objectives of the green economy".

President Valter Vomiero said: "Commercity has been on a virtuous path in the environmental field for over twenty years, with the aim of realising projects, based on concrete and ad hoc business models, for the benefit of the internal and city community. Therefore, we are very proud of the project inaugurated today and of the important strategic partnership with Acea Innovation that will allow us to implement green services with high technological and environmental value in the near future. Since 2002, the Centre has introduced a door-to-door waste collection service for the in-house companies, transported with electric vehicles provided by Exelentia, a company specialising in the marketing of work vehicles and electric cars, which operates within the Centre. The centre also houses a 5MW photovoltaic plant, built in 2010 by Acea and currently owned by the EF Solare Italia Group. In 2012/2013, the centre subsequently built two plants of its own, each with a capacity of 100 kW. In the following years, energy efficiency policies were adopted by replacing all lighting fixtures with new LED technology, as well as all air treatment systems. Last year, Commercity was chosen twice as the planting site for 200 trees through the awarding of the "Oxygen Project" by the XI Municipality, promoted by the Lazio Region. In the last few days, we have inaugurated a new refreshment point within our premises, whose structure has been built completely in green building.


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