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Today at the Viminale the interior minister Matteo Piantedosi and Acea CEO Fabrizio Palermo signed the National Framework Protocol for legality defence, aimed at enhancing the shared commitment against potential corruptive phenomena and the risk of infiltration by organised crime in corporate sectors of strategic national relevance, including hydroelectric network and waste management.

One of the objectives of the agreement is to strengthen cooperation on public security and legality on a national scale, considering the significant infrastructures ACEA will be performing in the coming years – such as the doubling of the Peschiera, the main aqueduct supplying the Capital, and the implementation of other projects of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

The protocol is to last three years and will cover the areas of the country where the group’s companies operate, which will sign partnership protocols with the Prefectures based on the Framework Protocol. A committee, expected to meet twice a year, has been set up at Cabinet of the Ministry of the Interior to constantly monitor the protocol application.

The agreement introduces innovative prevention measures, including new digital monitoring systems for construction sites of major works, control of the external context where the works are carried out and prevention activities concerning the accuracy of the waste disposal process.

''The framework protocol signed today with ACEA is particularly important, as it initiates a strategic partnership to ensure security and legality in areas of corporate intervention that are crucial for the national economy,'' said Minister Piantedosi. ''This agreement is a significant innovation, because it provides for the implementation of overall measures to prevent infiltrations of organised crime, irregularities in tenders, in waste management and disposal and in the management of workers on construction sites.''

''It is a real, clear evidence of shared commitment, – continued the Minister – “which will be followed by the signing of protocols between the prefecture and the companies of the Group to fully implement the disposition of the framework agreement, that implies major infrastructure works and other projects of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.''

''The protocol signed today places the group at the forefront on issues of legality and the prevention against infiltrations by organised crime,'' stated CEO Palermo. ''The synergy with the Ministry of the Interior and the Prefectures, at which the protocol will be ratified across the areas where we operate, allows to bring together environmental protection and defence of legality, thus encouraging growth. It is an innovative protocol because it goes beyond the regulations established for private companies. Moreover, ACEA is trying to strengthen focus on these issues, by appointing Giovanni Salvi, former Attorney General at the Supreme Court of Cassation, as consultant for legality and fight against criminal infiltration.''

''The signing of this crucial, general protocol between public and private entities paves the way to more detailed protocols,'' – said Salvi – ''bringing in significative innovations for the monitoring of procedures at risk, such as tenders or the management of excavated material through IT and unchangeable checks. These agreements stand for a clear manifestation of ACEA's commitment towards the respect of legality and the environment, even beyond its legal obligations.''


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