Acea Camp 2022

13 June - 22 July 2022 Giulio Onesti Olympic Training Centre

Ready, set…go! Acea Camp restarts

From 13 June to 22 July, Acea Camp returns at the 'Giulio Onesti' Olympic Training Centre. The initiative, through its summer camp formula, aims at promoting the positive values of sport among young generations, in favour of inclusion through entertainment.

Six weeks of multi-disciplinary sports, including athletics, swimming, field hockey, dance, rugby and football. Each edition of Acea Camp offers a greater number of disciplines to give participants the opportunity to learn about not only the best-known sports, but also the less popular ones.

Acea Camp promotes educational activities to raise young people’s awareness on water protection

This year’s edition of Acea Camp includes a series of educational activities, carried out by Acea’s professionals every Friday from 13:30 to 15:00. The objective is to bring children closer to an issue such as the protection of water resources. The activities will take place both indoor and outdoor, respectively in the complex gym and on the playing fields. The participants - divided by age groups - enjoy recreational and educational activities and receive a kit with reusable water bottles signed Acea Acqua Waidy WOW, in order to encourage the sustainable use of water resources.

These educational activities are an opportunity to introduce children to Waidy WOW, the water-and-environment friendly app.
Waidy WOW is capable of geolocalizing the water points present in the territory, such as the nearest nasoni  (little drinking fountains) and the water houses, across the country. Acea’s tutors show children the functionality of the app by testing it on the fountains already activated in the camp and tell them about the activities and projects implemented by Acea Group to protect water resources and the environment.

Acea Camp: the summer camp promoting sport, integration and entertainment

Born in 2015 from an idea of Carlton Myers and with the support of Acea Group, Acea Camp is a multi-sport camp that gives children the possibility to experience different sports activities at an affordable cost for families in the city of Rome.

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