Make Christmas Lights Acea

4 June 2019 Rome

On the Maker Faire Rome website you can participate in the “Make Christmas Lights Acea” contest and submit a plan for Christmas lights in the historic center of the capital and its 15 municipalities.
Through this initiative, Acea, in collaboration with Maker Faire Rome, wants to promote a contest of technological and artistic creativity in the spirit of innovation, with the goal of involving lighting experts in the creation of the Capital’s Christmas lights.
The contest will be open until the end of July. The plans submitted will be judged by a jury made up of Acea experts, who will evaluate the proposals based not only on their aesthetic-creative value, but above all as regards their feasibility and their degree of innovation and sustainability. The winner, who will become the artistic director of the project, will be announced on October 18th, the opening day of the 7th Maker Faire Rome.
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